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Interview Like You Mean It!


Who We Are And How We Can Help

This site has been designed by seasoned agency recruiters, corporate recruiters and hiring managers. We have joined together to provide a FREE (Yes, free!) interactive interview tool, or “interview simulator,” as we like to call it, to “ask” you many of the most common interview questions. We provide “insider” tips/examples to help you formulate appropriate responses to these questions. When you are finished, you will have the opportunity to save the questions and your responses for later practice or review from our pros.

Your Last Stop Before You Interview!

"The Interview Simulator exposed the flaws in how I answered even the most common interview questions. It helped me practice and improve. I nailed my first interview. Thanks so much!” Wendy March | Accountant 

Tips From The Pros


We’ve got all the resources you’ll need, from tips on resumes and interviewing to networking and job search strategies, plus advice for recent college grads. 

Getting The Interviews But Not The Job Offer?


Interview like you mean it, with insider help using our recruiter-designed Interview Simulator. It could mean the difference in you getting that job.

Who Are We?


Many recruiting professionals helped create the services and tools provided on this site. They offer experience and guidance on what questions you can expect and how best to answer them.


Tips for the Job Hunter

Receive our tips for all facets of the job search process...resume writing, networking, opportunity identification and interview preparation. It's Free!

Start now and receive our "Must Do" Pre-interview Tip that will separate you from the crowd and set hiring manager expectations before you even walk in the door.

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Alexander Graham Bell


Prepare for Your Next Interview


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